Jewellery Shows Exhibitors Co-Create Facets of Brilliance

The Hong Kong International Jewellery Show which closes today (March 4), together with the concurrent Hong Kong International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show, gathered more than 4,000 exhibitors to showcase collections of world-class jewellery masterpieces. Held in two venues for the first time, the Jewellery Shows adorned visitors with stylish jewellery and gems from over the world.

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During the Fair, NewsBites talked to several exhibitors who have already been using our Sourcing platform and very keen to promote their signature products, one of which is Luster Jewellery Limited featuring diverse selections of rings and bracelets. Their Director Mr. Brian Yau said customers were mostly interested in their fashion jewellery targeting younger generations, especially earrings which contributed nearly half of their revenue. Those with smaller round-shaped or trapezium diamonds in bright yellow or red colours are sought after.

The company met with some quality Japanese, Taiwanese and US buyers at the Shows who would like to make purchase. They also came across with some Middle East potential customers via Sourcing and Click2Match.

Luster Jewellery presents their fine jewellery collections.
Ladies will surely be impressed by their necklaces and earrings.

Storytelling Accessories Turn Jewellery Into Heritage

Another exhibitor that we spoke with was MAG Creation Ltd that sells mainly necklaces, earrings and pendants. According to their Marketing Manager Ms. Fanny Ching, their “Passion for Life” collection launched since the pandemic sells best. They also create tailored jewellery pieces that can fit into different forms of accessories, each telling a unique story.

The company is highly satisfied with the Jewellery Shows which have good vibe and crowds, and has been participating in our fairs for years. Leveraging the Sourcing platform and Click2Match, they receive many enquiries from Singaporean, Latin-American and Russian buyers. Those who visited physically at the Shows also utilized Scan2Match to connect further.

MAG Creation got original design customized for each buyer.
“Passion for Life” is their signature collection dedicated to those who live vibrantly.

Bright Gold Attracts Buying Interests from Southeast Asia

Lastly, Gold Bright Hong Kong Group Limited which sells a variety of 18K Gold accessories said their modern designs are increasingly popular, and there’s a preference towards light gold. The company’s Business & Admin Manager Ms. June Wong connected with some Southeast-Asian buyers during the Shows, and is progressively making use of Sourcing to grow online exposure.

As its name suggests, Gold Bright sells 18K Gold jewellery.
Colorful designs are drawing buyers’ interests.

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All the above exhibitors have already been using Sourcing platform to market their treasures at an affordable price. It is a great way to reach out to international buyers to maximize business advantages.

After the Fair, you can continue exploring different stylish items via EXHIBITION+. It comprises four key exhibition elements, including the physical fair, the smart business-matching platform Click2Match, online-to-offline seminars under the Intelligence Hub and the Sourcing platform, extending face-to-face interactions from physical exhibitions to an online smart business-matching platform to help enterprises connect with business partners proactively.