New EU Common Charger Directive Requirements Released

For electronic device manufacturers and retailers, it is crucial to understand and comply with the latest guidance released by the European Commission known as the Common Charger Directive. The Directive is an update to the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) which applies to all electrical and electronic devices that intentionally emit and receive radio waves at frequencies below 3,000GHz. 

Aiming to improve consumer convenience and reduce the environmental footprint associated with the production and disposal of chargers, starting December 28, 2024, specific electronic devices need to be equipped with a USB Type-C charging port, particularly: 

  • handheld mobile phones
  • tablets
  • digital cameras
  • headphones
  • headsets
  • handheld videogame consoles
  • portable speakers
  • e-readers
  • keyboards
  • computer mice
  • portable navigation systems
  • earbuds
  • laptops (from April 28, 2026)


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The EU released new guidance on charger requirements in May 2024.

Key Updates on Charger Requirements

In terms of sale:

  • harmonization of charging receptacles
  • harmonizing charging technology
  • unbundling of charging devices

In terms of product labeling:

  • request of user-friendly and accessible graphic pictograms to show new device’s specifications for compatibility

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