Carriages and Strollers Must Comply with Canada’s Updated Regulation Starting This Month

Carriages and strollers in Canada must comply with new regulations (SOR/2023-101) from December 4, 2023. This new regulation aims to reduce the number of injuries in children and specifically addresses known hazards, including strangulation, entrapment and the integrity of car seat attachments.

By referencing international standards with ambulatory incorporation, the new regulations align with the mechanical requirements in other jurisdictions. It also continues to align with other Canadian regulations in terms of toxicological, applied coating materials and phthalates requirements.

Specifically, the new regulations cover:

  1. Mechanical requirements
  2. Toxicological requirements
  3. Applied coating materials requirements
  4. Phthalates requirements
  5. Information and warning requirements

Implementation Timeline

SOR/2023-101 came into force on June 7, 2023. It includes a transitional provision that allows carriages and strollers that are compliant to the repealed regulations (SOR/2016-167) to continue to be manufactured, imported or sold in Canada for 180 days. 

Following the end of the transitional period on December 4, 2023, all carriages and strollers sold in Canada must now comply with the new regulations.

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