Medical & Healthcare Exhibitors Remain Robust in Business

The Hong Kong International Medical and Healthcare Fair occurring in mid-May (May 16-18), along with the concurrent Asia Summit on Global Health that constitute the International Healthcare Week, welcomed over 12,000 buyers from 60 countries and regions. The Healthcare Week greatly contributed to advancing health and medical innovation and fostering vital industry exchange, boosting Hong Kong’s status as a healthcare innovation hub.

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Medical and Healthcare Fair: Feel the Pulse of Medical & Healthcare Trade

Specialised Snore Stopper Attracts Numerous Southeast-Asian Customers

During the Fair, NewsBites talked to several exhibitors who are using our Sourcing platform and very keen to promote their signature products, one of which is VVFLY Electronics Co. Ltd featuring sleep health devices such as snore stoppers. According to their Sales Director Ms. Lily Li, their devices are comparable to world-renowned brands in terms of functionality, but can be purchased at a much more affordable price. Utilising patented AI technology, the snore stoppers provide much more comfort than traditional machines.

At the Fair, the company met with many keen Southeast-Asian buyers from Thailand, the Philippines and India who negotiated deals or even placed orders. They also met online with some Singaporean and Malaysian customers on Click2Match who subsequently visited their booth in-person. Lily believed product uniqueness is crucial to stand out in the market, and they are proactive to resolve customers’ problems to give better solutions.

VVFLY helps those who snore during sleep with its patented technologies.
A close-up of the anti-snoring device.

Precision Draws Businesses from Medical and Education Sectors

Another exhibitor that we spoke with was Accue Co. Limited that features solar-powered clocks for medical institutions, and thus far 20-30 local hospitals under the Hong Kong Hospital Authority and more than 300 local schools already adopted their products. The company’s Director Mr. Kenny Yip commented the Fair brought targeted customers (nurses and medical practitioners) from both local and overseas like Australia, India and Macau. They are also utilising Click2Match to meet up with potential European buyers online.

The company encountered some difficulties in terms of detailed adaptation of wifi technology in their clocks which poses challenge to their manufacturing, and they are seeking automation as a way out.

Accue strives for time accuracy in hospitals and clinics.
Precise and unified time displayed on Accue’s wireless clocks.

Wearable Tech Developer Sees Enormous Potential

The third exhibitor NewsBites came across was Shenzhen IWOWN Technology Co. Ltd which sells smartwatches. Their CEO Mr. Glen Zhu told us customers like their health devices including wearable tech and blood pressure monitors that enable remote data transmission, and the Fair traffic is better than expected with diverse buyers coming from Europe and Southeast Asia. The company is gradually updating their product portfolio on Sourcing to increase online exposure, and they are optimistic about the future of medical industry which is growing continuously worldwide.

IWOWN develops medical watches and health solutions for the public.
Smartwatches that make good use of wearable tech to monitor health.

Eco Masks Gaining Popularity

Lastly, Varicraft Company Limited selling sustainable masks addresses the growing global awareness of eco-friendly medical supplies. Their Marketing Manager Ms. Janet Lee recognizes the market needs for reusable facial masks and they will continue to promote their products through various means such as the Medical Fair.

Varicraft has joined both the Medical Fair and Eco Expo to promote their “green” masks.
Colourful and comfortable collection of eco masks.

All the above exhibitors have started using Sourcing platform to market their medical supplies at an affordable price. It is a great way to reach out to international buyers to maximize business advantages.

After the Fair, you can continue exploring different healthcare utilities via EXHIBITION+. It comprises four key exhibition elements, including the physical fair, the smart business-matching platform Click2Match, online-to-offline seminars under the Intelligence Hub and the Sourcing platform, extending face-to-face interactions from physical exhibitions to an online smart business-matching platform to help enterprises connect with business partners proactively.