Outdoor Clothing Trends: 6 Must Have Items For 2021

Outdoor clothing and athleisure have become the hottest trends of the year. Gucci’s recent collaboration with The North Face is perhaps the most notable event that justify the whole thing. So, you may ask, what kinds of items I need to have in order to get this styling?  

According to New York Magazine’s The Cut in 2017, this outdoor clothing trend style is called ‘gorpcore’ and WSJ further defined ‘gorpcore’ as ‘’named for the trail-mix acronym that’s short for ‘good ol’ raisins and peanuts, represents the convergence of outdoorsy gear and more quotidian men’s fashion.”

The most common items of this trend include fleece and puffer jacket (they are mostly in sharp colour and oversized), a crossbody waist bag and a pair of sporty sandals. You may go on reading and learn how to make use of these 6 key items to do your own mix and match.

’90s biggest trend have returned! However, you won’t wear the waist bag around the waist, you will be wearing it like a cross body bag. This style keep on showing up at fashion week, top fashion brands such as Chanel and Gucci are the ones to bring up this outdoor trend.

2. Bucket hat

As seen in the popular drama series “Emily in Paris”, bucket hat is having a comeback. Bucket hats not only serve as a practical purpose but also become trendy. So next time when you are ready for an outdoor adventure, don’t forget your bucket hat!

3. Sandals with long socks

teva style_sandal with socks
Source: From Teva's instagram

As a frequent hiker or camper, you will always have some pair of hiking sandals at you home. A perfect pair of hiking sandals gives you a solid start to any adventurous outdoors trip and allow you to handle any tough conditions. This year, this pair of hiking sandals has become a fashion item and it is perfect to paired with a pair of long socks.  

4. Bike shorts with oversized T-shirt

An oversized trippy-t shirt/tie-dye tee is one of the key elements for the latest outdoor style, if the weather is getting cold, you may put on a fleece. So this t-shirt is basically the base layer for the trendy outdoor style. And for girls, you may also match it with a bike shorts.

5. Fleece

Fleece has always been a popular item for outdoor hiker and camper. Made from polyester, its soft texture makes you feel comfortable and most importantly keeps you warm. On a cool day, you may consider wearing a fleece vest.  

6. Puffer jacket

A puffer jacket is always good for outdoor activities like hiking or camping, it is light in weight and easy to store. Down also provides the best warmth to weight ratio over almost any other insulation material. So it is probably the most popular jacket type for all outdoor activities lovers. And thanks to Gucci and The North Face, this popular outdoor item also transformed to a fashion items. This winter, make sure you have a large, oversized, bright-coloured puffer jacket in order to catch up with this trend.

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