Be Eco-Smart! Top Green Textile Products This Season

Recent years see a surge of circular products in the market, but what does that really mean? Circular economy advocate Ellen MacArthur Foundation defines something “circular” as embedding the 3 principles of eliminating waste and pollution in the first place, circulating products and materials at their highest value, and regenerating nature. This is very different from the traditional linear “take-make-waste” approach and is believed to protect the environment better.

In fact, sustainability trends have just started an evolution in the fashion and textiles industries across the US, Europe and Hong Kong according to McKinsey. If you want to play a part in saving our planet, check out the following circular textile items and source eco-smart!

Eco Bag Co Ltd: Recycled Fabric Neck Pillow

A neck pillow is popular in the office or at home, given the enduring neck or shoulder pain problems of urban citizens. Made of recycled fabric and polyester, this neck pillow offers a soft touch and extra comfort when you are traveling on a plane or simply having a nap.

Euphoria Empire Co Ltd: Mini Rice Straw Handbag

Handcrafted and woven with exquisite craftsmanship, this handbag is 100% made of banana fiber and compressed by a 100% rice straw square block. Featuring a flap with buckle closure and a pastel colour from natural herbs, this mini handbag is a great accessory to add a light flare to your outfit.

G E P Spinning Co Ltd: Collagen Sock

This pair of socks is comfortable and soft. It is made of functional fiber that is perfect for business and fitness wear. Extremely elastic.

PBPP Co Ltd: Weaving Tote Bag

This bag is upcycled from shoelaces and webbing tape or ribbon with a strap. Made of polyester, cotton, and elastic material, the tote bag is for durability and long-lasting usage. It has a long strap that allows for both hand and shoulder carrying.

Saeng Charoen Grand Co Ltd: Wall Decoration Fabric

Made of 80% recycled polyester and 20% recycled cotton in Thailand, this wall decoration fabric is safe and non-toxic since it hasn't been dyed or processed with dangerous chemicals. The raw material has been certified by GRS (Global Recycled Standard). There are several colour collections available for wall décor.

Thai Num Choke Textile Company Limited: Natural Fiber Blended Yarn

It may surprise you when it comes to this one: it is actually made of 6 varieties of fibers, namely pineapple fiber, hemp fiber, kapok fiber, lotus fiber, galangal fiber and silk fiber! A well-blended yarn that is antibacterial and biodegradable – suitable for knitting and weaving.

Turn to Art Co Ltd: iPad Pouch Bag

Handcrafted by Thailand designers, this iPad pouch bag is 100% made of upcycled Thai silk scrap. The colourful pattern is created by considering the composition of different types of upcycled scraps. It is unique in that the designers arrange the colours one by one and makes it “one pattern, one product”.

Thai Taffeta Co Ltd: Organic Cotton T-Shirt

Using 100% cotton supply from the organic cotton farm locally in Thailand, this t-shirt is especially soft and breathable. It comes with a simple and minimalist style for easy mix-and-match wear.

I.D. Knitting Co Ltd: Knit Interlock Fabric

Manufactured using two rows of needles, this interlock fabric is double-knit and thick. It is extremely soft, firm, and absorbent. Comprising of leftover cotton and polyester, it is an ideal material for making legging, dress, and activewear apparel.

Trendy Industries Ltd: Jute Fabric Bag

Designed for the beach, this bag is made of linen and can serve as either a shoulder bag or tote bag. With a tough texture and multiple compartments, it is a highly functional fabric good made in China.

Sounds appealing? Look for a variety of similar products in our cluster page. You are also encouraged to develop a habit of sustainable sourcing from today, for now and the wellbeing of future generations.

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