3 Easy Tips To Enhance Online B2B Marketing When Tradeshows Are Postponed

3 Easy Tips To Enhance Online B2B Marketing When Tradeshows Are Postponed

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has doused global economies with health and safety concerns – resulting in the rescheduling of core industry trade fairs and regional business events. With international buyers and sellers avoiding traditional face-to-face gatherings, online channels can shine when it comes to promoting new products and reaching new audiences.

Looking to maximise your online efforts? Here’s three things to keep in mind:

1. Emphasise empathy

For many consumers (especially in the ASEAN region), coronavirus fears are amongst their top concerns. Empathise with their state of mind and show how your company or product can help meet their needs.

2. Diversify your presence across online platforms

Internet usage has gone up significantly as people work from home and cut back on social gatherings – in particular, platforms like China’s Douyin are recording a surge in new users and followers. Creating content for popular  online platforms is a great way to spread your brand’s reach.  Analyse your audience and try to increase your exposure to them online!

3. Supercharge your SEO

Land more hits on your website when you employ proper search engine optimisation techniques. Precise keywords will help web surfers identify your brand and differentiate you from competitors. Having your company or website listed on other websites or platforms may also help drive traffic to your company’s website.

Stay ahead of changing trends by exploring new channels and creating new connections! 

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