Safeguarding Health: 5 Medical & Healthcare Product Recommendations

Healthcare and wellbeing are prioritised by new generations. As medical practitioners or industry players, be sure to keep your pulse strong by learning the latest medical and health technologies, and take below recommendations when looking for related healthcare products.

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Innovating Health: Medical & Healthcare Trends Revolutionizing the Industry

MGM Industries & Company: Electric Wheelchair

Commute in the comfort of this electric wheelchair that features ergonomic seat design, backrest cushions, intelligent reversing reminder, and stable driving experience. Control it with the armrest panels and fold for storage.

Firstsing Co Ltd: Hearing Aid

With wireless connection to bluetooth, users can make and receive calls, listen to music, and watch TV easily. Comes with intelligent noise reduction.

Meds Care Company Limited: Waist Support

This is a smart-looking bionic bone-shaped elastic support plate which imitates the curve of the human spine to cover the L4-L5 spine. The highly breathable elastic honeycomb mesh and 2-stage pull strap helps labor-saving adjustment.

Xiamen Morrow Sun Technology Co Ltd: Fat Pusher Massager

The massage gun generates wave vibrations in 4 speed intensity levels to relieve muscle soreness and stiffness, promotes circulation and helps accelerate recovery.

Bestworld Corp Ltd: Dental Water Flosser

Designed for those with dental implant, braces or retainer, this portable irrigator maintains oral health by offering cleansing in 3 modes of soft, strong and pulse. The water jet toothpick comes with a 220ml capacity water tank and smart power-off protection.

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