HKTDC Webinar Recap: 2024 Social Media New Picture | AI Lazy Pack, Will Shorts Remain Popular?

Entering 2024, will short videos that dominated content marketing remain popular? Can traditional texts and graphics still drive traffic and business? As generative AI grows mature, how can we utilise AI to create more precise contents and develop potential customers? At the same time, Facebook and Instagram algorithm updates may also impact your marketing strategies!

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In January’s Digital Academy Webinar, Dr. Bernie Wong, Founder of Social Stand Limited, dived into the new social media trends for 2024, to gain new customers and businesses. The webinar attracted over 3,000 registrants eagerly anticipating Bernie’s tips! 

Meta’s frequent algorithm changes on Facebook and Instagram, two of the most popular social media worldwide, may be a headache to marketers! Indeed it’s hard to master the mechanisms behind, but Bernie advised us to pay attention to new functions, such as Reels and Threads, on social media platforms. “These platforms will likely give you some advantages of using the newly launched functions, like driving more traffic and organic reach,” since the platforms want to test the popularity of the new functions themselves. So, keep in mind to utilize newly launched functions on social platforms to capture the free traffic.

At times when the platforms are not launching new functions, look at what the social media companies’ CEOs comment on their own platforms, and their competitors’ as well. “Their feedback will shed light on what the tech companies focus on and their future strategies, implying areas where significant free traffic can be drawn,” said Bernie.

Quality Content Is Still Key in Marketing

Placing social media advertisements is still a useful tactic in digital marketing beyond the campaign or sales periods, as it can help increase your company’s online exposure and organic reach too. 

Nevertheless, Bernie reminded the audience that advertising is like using a microphone – if the page content itself is not attractive, placing ads is like amplifying an unpleasant sound and can be counterproductive. Therefore, back to the basic, quality content is the core and the most important. 

For more details on creating quality and engaging contents, choosing between text-images or short videos, and how to make good use of AI tools, click through below image to access the full webinar clip!

Watch the Webinar Recording Now (In Cantonese):

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About the Speaker

Picture of Dr Bernie Wong / Founder, Social Stand Limited

Dr Bernie Wong / Founder, Social Stand Limited

Dr Bernie Wong is a creative digital and social media marketing professional. He has worked with such Fortune 500 brands as Marks & Spencer, GAP, Adidas, and Disney, serving as the Founder of Social Stand Limited and helping clients tell their stories, engage with their audiences and unleash the power of their brands. He is an in-demand speaker who brings professional experience and an aptitude for leading seminars and workshops to the table. He is also a radio programme presenter, newspaper columnist and lecturer in academic institutes. He earned his Doctor of Business Administration in Marketing at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Master of Science in New Media at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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