Content is King, Creativity Rules | How to Make Gifts the Brand Ambassador?

Brand building and dissemination become increasingly important in today’s fiercely competitive market environment. As an emotional and interactive bridge between companies and consumers, gifts undoubtedly are a brand culture communication tool with great potential.

How can we cleverly integrate brand culture into gift design, making it a vivid narrator of the brand story and an effective disseminator of the brand spirit? This requires adherence to the principle of ‘Content is king, creativity rules’.

Emphasizing the cultural connotation carried by the gift, “Content is King” works on creating a strong and effective brand message. Brand culture is the soul of an enterprise. It includes multiple elements such as the company’s history, philosophy, values, and promises to consumers. Therefore, when designing gifts, it is necessary to delve deeply into the core values of the brand and translate its unique stories and ideas into the content of the gift through design language. For example, a brand that emphasizes environmental consciousness can launch customized gifts made from renewable materials to highlight its pursuit and practice of sustainable development.

Eco-friendly gifts, for example, convey the company's green positioning and commitment towards sustainability.

What About "Creativity Rules"?

Injecting innovative elements into gift design, making it not only practical but also resonating with and attracting consumers’ attention. This requires companies to innovate in terms of gift forms, functions, packaging, etc., making each gift a novel and fascinating carrier of the brand story. For example, a cultural and creative product that combines the brand symbol with artistic elements, or an intelligent gift that integrates technological elements and meets consumers’ individual needs, can effectively convey brand information and enhance brand image while providing practical value.

Gift Branding Strategies in Practice

1. Dig Deep into the Brand Core, Ensuring Gift Content is Substantial and Potent

3 key elements are required to make this work:

  • Define Brand Values: The brand values refer to the core ideas and value concepts held by the brand, which represent the brand’s commitment and responsibility to society, the environment, and consumers. A clear brand value can help the brand establish a unique personality and reputation, and enhance consumers’ cognition and loyalty to the brand. The core value of a famous foreign coffee company lies in creating a warm culture with a sense of belonging, gladly accepting and welcoming everyone. Only when the brand values are clear can the brand image be better shaped.


  • Determine Market Positioning: The core significance of market positioning is to help enterprises create unique and valuable positions for their products or services in the minds of target consumers. To determine market positioning, understand the characteristics, needs, and behaviors of the target market and specify the crowd for the product services. Then, you can collect data through questionnaires, interviews, and other means, and analyze the differentiated advantages of the products and the strengths and weaknesses of competitors based on this.


  • Customer Insights and Research: By understanding the needs and characteristics of the target audience, we can better shape the brand image and reputation. According to the collected data, establish user personas, analyze their demographic characteristics, psychological traits, consumer behavior characteristics, etc.; deeply explore the life scenes of the target audience, the specific situations of using products/services, pain points and their expectations of the brand.
Research target customers to better establish their personas and shape a prominent brand image.

2. Be Bold to Innovate, and Imbue Gifts with Vibrant Vitality through Unique Creative Design

There are 3 ways to put innovation into practice:

  • Functional Creativity: As technology becomes an indispensable part of people’s lives, brands can design intelligent gifts that incorporate modern technological elements, such as smartwatches, intelligent water cups, Bluetooth speakers, AR/VR experience sets, and other high-tech products. Or integrate practicality and fun, for example, design multifunctional storage boxes, creative office supplies, or small lifestyle items with unique usage scenarios.

  • Personalization: Brands can offer personalized customization services, such as engraving, photo printing, exclusive pattern designs etc., to make the gift unique and more commemorative. Alternatively, based on user preferences, combine constellations, zodiac signs, animation characters and other cultural elements to produce exclusive gifts.

  • Cross-Sector Collaboration and Design Co-Branding:  Launching limited edition co-branded gifts, increasing the collection worth of the gifts. Otherwise collaborate with the emerging creators in the fields of fashion trends and art. For instance, the current trend in beverage stores is cross-branding with milk tea and other brands. This helps your brand to enter new consumer areas quickly.


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To make gifts a disseminator of brand culture, companies need to discern the core values of the brand and ensure that gifts are imbued with profound connotations. They should also dare to innovate, injecting vibrancy into gifts with unique designs. Only in this way can gifts transcend their inherent value and become important media for brand culture communication, further enhancing consumer awareness and loyalty to the brand, thereby promoting the brand’s long-term development.

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