Home Sweet Home: 2024-25 Home Décor Trends

Our homes are one of the most important places of our lives. Multiple studies show how we design homes can directly impact our wellbeing and immediately influence our emotions and productivity.

The significance of a comfortable home is elevated with the support of digitalization and social media – providing an additional boost and increased demand towards home décor. In 2024, the home décor market is expected to reach a whopping US$128.7 billion, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.33%.

Home décor can be used in homes to improve one’s productivity and well-being effectively.

It is no surprise that biophilic home décor has become the centre of attention in 2024, with health and wellness being the focus of the current era. The core purpose of biophilic design is to reconnect people to nature by integrating natural elements, materials, and light into our homes.

Based on recent research published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, there are many benefits of integrating biophilic designs into our homes –ranging from boosting sleep quality to reducing pain and depressive symptoms. Therefore, many homeowners are expected to utilize biophilic designs to create environments that promote wellness and positivity.

Experts believe that biophilic designs will be huge in the home décor industry in the coming years.

The key aspect of biophilic design is the actual presence of nature, such as potted plants and water features. Other biophilic design elements include non-living furniture and décor like wooden furniture, stone decorations, or rattan baskets, further giving the impression of nature.

#2 Soft Forms

We expect to see a rise in soft-formed home décor in 2024. Contrary to solid and angular designs, which give an impression of strength and power, soft forms offer a gentle transition between spaces and give a feeling of nature and comfort. According to research, organic curves seem to mimic the natural world, making spaces seem safe and familiar to individuals.

Besides using curved arches in interior designs, curved furniture such as round-edged sofas, oval tables, and arced chairs can contribute to soft-form designs. Soft-edged indoor décor, like fluid-shaped lights, mirrors, and vases, can also help complete this look and create a harmonious lifestyle and environment.

Soft-formed home décor gives a comforting look and feel to the home environment.

#3 Quiet Luxury

The term ‘quiet luxury’ has become one of the top searches on social media platforms. Defined by subtle elegance and high-quality pieces, quiet luxury focuses more on simplicity and refinement over cut-throat and prominent branded logos. Like the other trends, quiet luxury home décor creates a serene and calm environment – embracing neutral palettes, quality materials and minimalistic designs to create a timeless appeal.

Quiet luxury home décor usually includes marble and timber furnishing, plush fabrics such as velvet and chenille, wool rugs, and well-made enduring pieces. Quiet luxury homes also embrace warm or natural lighting with muted tones.

Indulge and relax in a quiet luxury home featuring minimalism!

#4 Sustainable Home Décor

Increased eco-awareness and more legal restrictions have made the trend of green furniture and sustainable home décor last a long time, according to HKTDC Research. For many, sustainability is no longer a trend, but a way of life. Manufacturers are more cautious when choosing raw materials, preventing fabrics that release toxic fumes in the production process and using recycled materials and wood alternatives such as bamboo and hemp to reduce wood consumption.

Many consumers will pay more for sustainable options to minimize their ecological footprint. From reclaimed wood to recycled glass, sustainable home décor allows consumers to create a stylish space while being mindful of the Earth.

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