8 Essentials for Medical & Healthcare Practitioners

A patient rescue or rehabilitation exercise will not be possible without the aid of suitable medical and healthcare devices. Outside hospitals or clinics, MedTech is also widely adopted in daily keep-fit by many health-aware individuals. 

Before the start of the Hong Kong International Medical and Healthcare Fair from 16 to 18 May, preview some of the latest health innovations in advance below:

Maxwell International Holdings Limited: Magnetic Mitohormesis Machine

Simply sit, click and get fit! As an award-winning patented technology, this machine brings you the benefits of exercise without actually doing it! Basically it uses unique electromagnetic fields that are tuned to activate the mitochondria in body cells, producing more energy which enhances metabolism, empowers muscles and speeds up recovery. For weekly use (10 minutes per session) and suitable for all ages.

Po Sing Trading Company: Ankle Support

Made of neoprene, this bamboo charcoal product provides extra support to strengthen the ankle, preventing strains and sports injuries. It also absorbs moisture, ventilates and helps perspiration.

Janley Ltd: Hospital Bed

Equip hospitals with this modern and safe bed with sophisticated electric functions of a cardiac chair and 30-degree stop of backrest. The 4 siderails are wrapped in SoftDrop and illuminated angle indicators. It also provides real support to mobilisation with handrail to assist getting up.

Continental Supplies Ltd: Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor

Apart from the hospital bed, a well-functioned patient monitor is also essential. With real-time S-T segment analysis and pacemaker detection, it can display dynamic waveforms in form of tabular and graphic trends. Large volume of patient information can be stored and retrieved. In case of incorrect manipulation or malfunction, it will self-indicate to alert the users.

PRIME Achiever Limited: Automatic Pill Crusher

It may pose difficulty for patients, especially children and the elderly, to swallow large pills. The pill crusher helps to render medications within cup into a fine powder with a push of the button, eliminating any potential medication contamination. It saves much time and effort versus manual crushing.

Health Care & Co.: Lumbar Cushion

Lightweight and easy to carry, this waist belt permits fixation and reduces the lumbar intervertebral disc pressure in the front by maintaining and restoring the natural low back curve in the sitting and supine lying positions, thus hastens the recovery of low back pain.

Bodycare Co Ltd: Moist Heating Pad

Moist-heat penetrates into the body deeper than dry heating, hence relieving fatigue, muscle and joint pain. The cover traps air moisture which then vaporizes when the pad starts to generate heat. Far infrared and moist heating effect dilates blood vessels, increases blood flow and effectively improves blood circulation without causing dry and itching allergy. Available in 4 timer and temperature presets.

Delta Pyramax Engineering Ltd: Mobility Training Device

DPA Med is a medical device which globally mobilises the lower limbs, pelvis and spine in supine position. This mobilisation generates a dissociation of shoulders and pelvic belts, as well as a mobility of pelvis similar to walking. Depending on the patient's conditions, it is used passively to work on osteo-articular mobility, or actively for the purpose of muscle building and proprioception.

Feel the Pulse In-Person!

Amazed by the technologies and interested to look for more? The physical fair features clinical equipment and biotech. It also provides countless business opportunities to connect with other professionals through forums, networking events and product launches.

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