Senior Safety: Smart Home Devices for the Elderly

The global population is aging faster than in the past, with the senior (aged 60 or above) proportion nearly double from 12% to 22% from 2015 throughout to 2050. With this in mind, it is essential to equip every household with senior-friendly healthcare products.

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Firstsing Co Ltd: Senior Fall Detection Device

With good signal and accurate 4G positioning, this device detects falls and allows SOS alarm by dialing the preset emergency call numbers. It is easy to carry and use and is waterproof.

Power View Ind'l Ltd: Mini Cube Sensor Alarm

This alarm has a built-in PIR sensor for detection of visitors/seniors upon their entries back to home. Sensing distance is up to 4 meters long.

Smart Home Devices for the Elderly

Ezfone Telecommunication Limited: Senior Mobile Phone

Featuring big buttons and big character font, this phone is easy for the elderly to navigate. There is also an emergency function that comes in handy for the unexpected. With loud ringtones and easy to use by sliding keys.


There are 5 pill compartments, each has its exclusive alarm to work with (for people who take different medicine at different time). It is easy to operate with a big-wheel-turning setting, alarming with a snooze vibration or beeping sound for up to 5 times a day.

A smart device can help seniors manage their medication with ease.

Mobility & Accessibility Aids at Home

DMB HK Ltd: Smart Walking Stick

This smart stick could connect with the phone to receive calling, and call back by long pressing the button. It will alarm the user by loud sound and red flash light.

Allegrine International Limited: Toilet Lift

Designed to help seniors to cope with inconvenient body movement problems, the lifts can be adjusted to support them to get up after finishing toilet.

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