8 Eyewear & Optical Product Recommendations This Summer

Wearing a fresh pair of glasses is a good suggestion to kickstart summer time! While people go outdoor more frequently, it will be of their interest to promote sporty choices such as the followings:

Guangzhou Somta Optical Technology Co., Ltd: Frameless Sunglasses

Don't limit your selections to those framed sunglasses! These iconic frameless glasses will suit any outdoor activities with its photochromic properties, i.e. automatic darkening of lenses under bright light, which look cool and smart!

Wingram Industrial Company Limited: Bio-Acetate Frames

Sustainability counts when it comes to this BioAcetate series of eco-friendly eyewear - whether it's injection or handmade frames, they offer multiple performance benefits such as protection against deformity, compatibility with all lenses and Hardness Enhanced CA (HECA).

Wenzhou Brilliant Vision Co Ltd: Oversized Sunglasses

This oversized sunglass looks like a pair of cat eyes and is available in trendy violet, pink, grey and even leopard patterns! UV400-rated, it gives you a retro appearance and goes well with various face shapes and hairstyles.

Guangzhou Somta Optical Technology Co., Ltd: Cycling Sunglasses

With diverse colours of frames and lenses to select, match your sporting outfit with this series of cycling sunglasses for a streamlined and trendy look! On top of an attractive shade, it provides UV400 protection against harmful lightrays.

Guangzhou Somta Optical Technology Co., Ltd: Ski Goggles

For those longing for a white holiday trip and going to ski in the snow, consider purchasing this goggle which consists of an anti-slip strip, a high-definition anti-fog lens that can view wide angles, and an instantly-changeable lens design.

Quality eyewear such as ski goggles are the best pal for outdoor sports!

Wing Fung Optical International Limited: Sunglasses

Remarkably thick and angular frames are featured in this series of sunglasses that play with a range of colours such as orange and pale yellow harmoniously. They definitely amaze the audience as they can spot the frames from far away!

Wing Fung Optical International Limited: Optical Frames

These metal frames, which come in different kid-friendly colours of pale blue and purple, can be worn in comfort by all ages for a friendly look. They especially suit the needs of schoolkids.

Wenzhou Brilliant Vision Co Ltd: Optical Frame

Another unisex choice for a retro style. Made of cellulose acetate and metal, the frame can be customised by colours into a translucent fashion item.

In fact, across all seasons the demand for fashionable and durable eyewear lasts long. It will be important to keep a keen eye on the latest trending optical products to win customers’ hearts.

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