4 Wearable Tech Trends You Need To Know in 2021

4 Wearable Tech Trends You Need To Know in 2022

Wearable technology is continuously evolving and become increasingly popular over the past few years. Are you still thinking they can only perform functions like recording your health or fitness data? No! the latest smart wearable device is sure to be more than that. This article has listed out these 4 wearable tech trends that you need to know in 2022.

Source: COVE
Nanowear SimpleSENSE
Source: Nanowear
Wearables and Fitness has been a topic in the reputable electronics show CES for years, the demand for medical wearable devices has never been stopping. Among hundreds of relevant wearables tech, we think these two devices are the important ones that you should watch out for. By combining sensor technology, cloud computing, and UI/UX design, wearables can keep track and provide health or even medical-related advice and recommendations to users. In addition to the common measurements such as heartbeat and temperature, some companies have ventured into making devices not only for tracking purposes. For example, Cove has developed a device that helps monitor stress levels and applies gentle vibration behind the wearers’ ears. And participants in related clinical studies have expressed they experienced a reduction of stress and improvement in sleep quality.  Another medical wearables company Nanowear’s cloth-based diagnostic platform, SimpleSENSE, is a multi-parameter remote diagnostic undergarment and machine learning digital platform which monitors and assesses the patients’ heart, lungs, and upper vascular system. Varadan, co-founder and CEO of Nanowear said “Our platform can now efficiently serve the new need for remote diagnostics across primary care, acute illness and procedure, and chronic disease cases.”

2. Smartwatches and fitness trackers

As we can see, companies from different industries including fashion, beauty, or lifestyles also want to enter the smart wearable market and start leveraging wearable products for their customers. So, we expect the future application of smartwatches will no longer limit to sports or fitness-related activities, they will also supervise user’s daily habits e.g eating, buying, or other habits and reports through their smartwatches. Thanks to 5G technology, the user will also be able to access all stored and processed information much faster than before.

3. Smart clothing

Source: Wearablex
Neviano’s smart swimsuit
Source: Neviano

Smart clothing, also known as high-tech clothing, has been developed with new technologies that provide additional benefits to the wearer.

Nadi X‘s yoga pants are one example of high-tech clothing. The yoga pants have integrated accelerometers and haptic motors into the fabrics which enable the pants to detect the user’s pose and help to refine it. You can also download the app and connect it to your smartphone, the app will then guide you through each pose step by step, using images of each pose step, an audio guide, and accompanying explanations. 

Another example will be Neviano’s smart swimsuits. This smart swimsuit has installed a removable medallion-style waterproof sensor, once you’ve entered your skin type in the app, it will automatically monitor the temperature throughout the day and will send out warnings to remind users to apply more sunscreen when the UV levels are getting high.

4. Smart rings/jewellery

Source: Sourcing

Smart rings/jewellery are providing users with a way to be fashionable and tech-savvy at the same time.  Some smart rings enable users to receive calls or even allowing them to remote control video conferencing. With a slightly different mobile usage in terms of app and internet services in China, there are also more and more local wearables/wearables fashion accessories companies such as Wen Wen Technology International Limited above.

ORII is a smart ring that allows users to handle phone calls just by touching the fingertip to the ear, so from now on you can send and hear a message without taking your phone out.

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