5 Fitness Trends Need To Aware Of During COVID-19 _

5 Fitness Trends Need To Aware Of During COVID-19

COVID-19 is changing the world and creating a new normal. Everyone from different industries and sectors is trying hard to adopt to this new norm. The fitness industry has no exception. Here in this article, we try to highlight 5 fitness trends that will emerge during the pandemic time. 

Virtual fitness class

One of the most obvious fitness trends is everything goes virtual and online. Nearly most fitness gym facilities were banned during COVID-19 and it made gym rooms and fitness studios switch the model from face to face training to virtual training. These fitness apps or website offer their members the same experience at home, there you can find a variety of online fitness class, both individual and group sessions, just register and that’s it. You can work out from home whenever and wherever you want with expert guidance and receive real-time feedback.

2. Use of fitness app/wearable devices to track data

Use of fitness app/wearable devices to track data

As everyone is spending more time at home, they tend to work out at home and track the progress data using their own fitness app or wearable devices. According to the findings from Sensor Tower, ‘Fitness app downloads increased by 47% year-over-year in the second quarter of 2020, reaching a total of 656 million health and fitness apps downloaded during the period. The top growing app was Strava, which Sensor Tower found had a “particularly sharp rise” with a record 3.4 million users in May, an uptick of 179.2% from January 2020.’ 

The figures somehow reflect people love the idea of having a complete control of their workout progress, they can easily track and measure their progress from time to time. Some apps even allow the user to compete with other users, that’s perhaps the reasons why people are getting so addicted to these fitness app. This can also explain why even global  company like Google bought Fitbit last year for $2.1 billion in hopes of catching up and secure a market share in fitness industry.  

3. Home fitness equipment demand on the rise/ hybrid fitness experiences

hybrid fitness experiences

As we can’t go out to gym rooms or fitness studios, this forced many of us exploring different stay home fitness options. Some people start looking for all kinds of equipment like wheel roller, dumbbells and foldable push up bar etc that could fit in a room and help them stay active. While some go even further by combining home fitness equipment with virtual reality to create a brand-new hybrid fitness experiences. Companies like Peloton, Lululemon’s Mirror and Tonal are reshaping what the home gyms of the future might look like. They offer interactive fitness equipment that connects you to live classes and on-demand workouts, you can also get real-time feedback and personal shout-outs to keep you motivated.

4. Workout game at home

Workout video game at home

To some people, having work out alone at home could be boring and it’s easy to lose motivation, so why not trying fitness games that can keep you moving and exercising while at the same time having fun? There are some popular fitness games that we think you need to have in order to survive during the pandemic time.

First one must be Nintendo’s latest fitness game: Ring Fit Adventure. With over 100 levels in more than 20 worlds to complete, the game is sure to keep you busy as you need to jump, jog, sprint, squat and high knee, somehow it is even more tiring and physically demanding than real work-out. If you do not like exercising, you can just do dancing! Another game we pick will be this Just Dance 2020. The game features over 500 popular music tracks, and what you need to do is to follow the dancers’ moves. Lets move your body and start dancing now! You may also go to Nintendo’s site to check out more games that can make you moving.

5. Yoga for well-being

Yoga for Well-Being

Th COVID-19 has affected not only our physical health but also mental health. The lockdown made people get isolated and as a result many of us start to feel stress and anxious. If you find yourself having such a negative feelings, you may try to practice yoga. Some studies show that ‘Yoga improves symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder, a condition with chronic nervousness and worry, suggesting the popular practice may be helpful in treating anxiety in some people.’ Now, lets get all the basic accessories like yoga mat, yoga column and a towel ready, take a deep breathe and enjoying yoga in the comfort of your own home.

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