6 Eco-Smart Products for Sustainable Sourcing

Being eco-friendly is not only a personal choice, but can also apply to businesses. As buyers or suppliers, you can play a part in protecting the planet by sourcing sustainable products that embed concepts of renewable energy and upcycling, some of which are listed below:

AMF Technology (Hong Kong) Limited: Solar Powerbank

Using solar energy to generate power for your mobile phones, this powerbank has a stylish, sophisticated exterior made of aluminium alloy. It can charge all smartphone models, and all devices with USB charging port, even digital cameras! With intelligent control, short circuit protection and automatic sleep mode to prevent power loss.

Global Bio Alternatives Holding Ltd: Compostable Pet Waste Bag

100% compostable within 6 months after landfilled, water-resistant and odor-free, the bags are made of a unique blend of cornstarch and PLA (Polylactic Acid) with PBAT (Polybutylene Adipate-co-Terephthalate). The cornstarch is sourced from discarded corn that is no longer fit for human consumption, making the bags very durable yet degradable.

Wonder Greener Co. Ltd: Bamboo Straw Set

The grass straws are made of 100% natural, unprocessed, pesticide-free Lepironia grass grown in Vietnam and Taiwan. They are certified by SGS and TÜV and are hygienically sealed during packaging. Compared to disposable drinking straws made of wheat, paper, or fruit fibers, the grass straw is durable and won’t get soggy for at least 6 hours in liquid. Recommended for single usage.

Avantec Mfg Ltd: Air Quality Sensor

Operating in HVAC Systems, this LCD Electronic Air Quality Sensor acts as a thermostat that displays data not limited to air quality, but also temperature and humidity. Depending on the measured dust particle concentration, the sensor will show Green light for Good air quality, Blue for Moderate and Red for Poor.

Ningbo Utec Electric Co. Ltd: Solar Light Box

Crafted of high quality ABS and polycarbonate, this solar light box takes on a crisp outline with a modern hint of style to elevate your house entrance. It works on a LED bulb that generates a downward light shade. Besides a stainless steel top and a contrasting number print in front, it offers dimmable illumination for functional use after dark.

Pair Environmental Protection Company Limited: Smart Food Waste Collection Bin

This bin builds upon an intelligent system that can conduct real-time weight measuring, disinfection & bad-smell reduction with independent account records. Users can access the bin by Smart-cards tapping or QR code reading. The backwards throwing-windows will open immediately for waste collection after access. Accumulated records can be tracked on the company's Cloud platform.

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