Eco Expo Generates Significant “Eco-nomic” Benefits

The Eco Expo Asia closed its curtains yesterday (29 October) with over 300 exhibitors from 13 countries and regions showcasing their eco-solutions. Echoing its theme of “Taking the Leap towards Carbon Neutrality”, the Expo served as a green link for governments, business sector and the trades on the latest technologies for carbon reduction.

During the Expo, NewsBites talked to several exhibitors who have already been using our Sourcing platform and very keen to promote their signature products, one of which is Varicraft Company Limited that sells medical consumables like reusable masks. According to their Marketing Manager Ms. Janet Lee, their masks incorporate the IMU+ technologies developed by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University that enable the masks to kill bacteria within 10 minutes, and be washable in soap water for an extended lifetime of a few years.

The company has exhibited in the HKTDC International Medical Fair before too, and Janet stated both fairs brought a number of contacts from the US, European and local Hong Kong buyers. The company also received enquiries via the Click2Match platform from Canadian and Chinese buyers

Varicraft believes reusable masks significantly reduce medical waste.
The washable plastic masks look trendy in various colours.

Renewable Energy Draws Scan2Match Connections

Another exhibitor that we spoke with was Prozparity International Energy Group Limited featuring a diverse range of solar-powered appliances such as solar greenhouse boxes. Their Sales Manager Mr. Zhong Jian Hui said their selling point is light and portable solar products instead of traditional bulky ones. The Fair drew much traffic to their booth, and most are looking for commercial collaborations for various projects ranging from engineering to educational. These potential customers came from diverse countries, half of which were Europeans and the rest were mostly Chinese.

They also saw a number of visitors who would like to explore deeper by using our newly-run Scan2Match functions on their booth, praising it as very useful!

Prozparity Energy makes good use of every solar panel.
They are happy to see many visitors scanning their QR code to connect!

Recyclable Supplies Custom-Made for Overseas Buyers

Lastly, FMC Manufacturing Co. Ltd which sells a variety of biodegradable bags and packaging supplies said the Fair traffic is much better than that during the pandemic, probably also due to raising awareness of sustainability. The company’s representative Ms. May Cheung found enquiries from a large variety of countries, especially Oceania such as Australia and the New Zealand. They also secured Click2Match contacts from online to offline, as buyers from Thailand and Portugal came to visit their Fair booth after meeting virtually.

FMC has expertise in an array of compostable utilities.
You can take care of the environment even when planting and walking your dog!

All the above exhibitors have already been using Sourcing platform to market their eco products at an affordable price. It is a great way to reach out to international buyers to maximize business advantages.

After the Fair, you can continue exploring different green solutions via EXHIBITION+. It comprises four key exhibition elements, including the physical fair, the smart business-matching platform Click2Match, online-to-offline seminars under the Intelligence Hub and the Sourcing platform, extending face-to-face interactions from physical exhibitions to an online smart business-matching platform to help enterprises connect with business partners proactively.

Last but not least, let us know your brilliant ideas protecting the planet earth by contacting us for a promotional package: