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Belts, Berets and Bags for 2022

The Fashionistas have spoken and it looks like 2022 is going to be a year filled with chic style and glamour. It’s a good thing you have Sourcing to help connect you to the right people and products. Some of the trends to look for are the wide waist belt, which will transform women’s silhouettes into a wonderful hourglass form, and it will also add a new colour motif to monochrome outfits. The addition of a netted beret will give tailored ensembles a super chic look to women’s wardrobes. As for accessories, get set to see lots of purple bags everywhere, combined with complementary colours blue or pink. Bags will provide the bold tonal splash to women’s monochrome look going forward. Make sure to come and find your ideal partner for fashion, clothing and accessories at Sourcing.