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Remote, robotic, gigging – the new service professional paradigm

The COVID era has ushered in new changes for all types of businesses, and for those in the professional services sector, several major factors will have transformative effects as well. These involve a switch to digital in which firms have been forced to shift to remote operations and have now completely digitized both their workforce and their client experience. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will also continue to be adopted by many firms, especially in the fintech sector, in a bid to improve efficiency, especially for repetitive and mundane administrative tasks. Cyber security has become a major issue as a result of increasing demands for remote working access, contact-less document delivery and payment processing. The rise of the gig economy is a major trend in professional services too. In fact, by 2025 nearly 25% of workers are expected to be employed on a project basis as part-time gig workers. Sourcing has some of the best expertise anywhere for professional services. Why not team up with us today!