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All Categories

Gifts, Toys & Sports Supplies

The future of toys is green!

Gifts and toys made from wood, like building blocks, have long been a mainstay in children’s playrooms. Tomorrow’s trend in the industry stays green with the concept of ‘Made by Nature’, incorporating materials such as maize, rubber, bamboo, wool, and cork. Sourcing is at the forefront of this industry with the most prominent players and new product entries. Sustainability is also a primary focus of attention with the philosophy of ‘recycle & create’, showcasing gifts and toys created from recycled raw materials and incorporating new toy ideas through upcycling. On the sports front, exercise and paying greater attention to one’s health is here to stay with socially distanced activities like jogging, hiking, golf, tennis and cycling. No matter what your interest is in the industry, be it dolls, educational toys, or sports shoe supply, connect with Sourcing for the very best support you’ll get anywhere.